Rochville University:
Authentic and Accredited Online University or just another Degree Scam?

Read on to find how a student tried to change the perception of the people about his Alma Mater, Rochville University

I am a student of Rochville University. I have taken my bachelor’s degree from here and recently enrolled in their master’s degree program. I got to know about Rochville University from a friend’s friend, who did her master’s from the Rochville University. She is currently employed in one of the finest restaurants of US at a good post.

Being quick and reasonable, online universities are preferred by people like working adults, disabled and home school students. It is suitable for them because they are neither requiring traveling nor giving on their work. However, among countless degree scams, there are only few reliable education institutes amongst which comes the name of Rochville University. Rochville University has so far provided thousands of students with authentic and verifiable degrees. All the degree programs by Rochville University are accredited by major accreditation agencies.

There is a reason behind why I am writing this article. Couple of months back a colleague of mine came to me and inquired about Rochville University. On asking him the reason he told me rumors that he heard and read about Rochville. According to him there are various forums on internet that are propagating negative things about Rochville University. They have changed people’s perspective about Rochville University by calling it degree scam. You may seldom find positive comments on these forums pertaining to the authenticity of Rochville University.

I can hear anything but when it comes down to the reputation of you alma mater, it becomes unbearable. So I set out to read and collect negative stuff about my university. In most of the forums people discussed that due to unavailability of a proper physical address on its website; the status of Rochville University is dubious.

To counter the comments about Rochville University, I started participating in these forums. I invited people to talk to me about Rocheville. Each day I used to open up my email box and check if someone has sent me any email. My struggle paid off when one day I saw 3 emails from different people who wanted me to reply to their queries.

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My single piece of advice for all of the quality education seeking students is that they must see scams of online universities but they should also evaluate those scams on the basis of neutrality.

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